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Baspar Negar

Introducing the Darma Baspar Negar Vira Company

Darma Baspar Negar Vira Company began its activities, with the Registration No. 542211 in 1997, with the aim of solving the old problems of printing and flexible packaging through offering new solutions using the advices of experts in this field.

Baspar Negar Company is the manufacturer of various types of nylon, nylex, cellophane, shrink, stretch, nylon stretch, stretch film, stretch pallet strap, shrink cellophane, shrink film, colored shrink, packaging shrink, food cellophane, pallet wrap cellophane, matte and glossy cellophane, industrial nylon, agricultural and greenhouse nylon, nylon print, vacuum nylon, patterned nylon, industrial nylon, packaging plastics, adhesive plastics, bubble plastic, printed nylex, bubble nylex, polyethylene film, polyethylene bag , plastic bag, freezer bag with more than 25 years of experience in the nylon and plastic industry, and is ready to provide services to customers by using capable workforce and the latest technology in the world and a monthly productioan capacity of 2000 tons of polyethylene products.a

درباره بسپار نگار

Why Baspar Negar Company?

More than 25 years of experience in the nylon and plastic industry
Variety of Products

Given the available facilities, Baspar Negar is one of the most complete and equipped companies in the nylon and plastic industry, and is able to provide a full-package of services to itscustomers by producing various types of light and heavy polyethylene films, nylon and nylex, packaging wrappers for various industries, and stretch films (Cellophane), industrial pallet straps for parent industries, and by manufacturing and printing of various types of packaging, health and pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and industrial wrappers.

Guaranteed Quality

Baspar Negar is producing high-quality products through identifying the needs of customers and improving their level of satisfaction,by employing specialized and efficient force and owning the most modern technology and machines.

Competitive Price

The price depends on many components. The design quality and attractiveness, and the elimination of mediators and direct sales will all have an effect on the final price. At Baspar Negar, we have been extremely careful and in determining the cost of our products, so that we can maintain the quality of our product while setting a proper and competitive price for our services.

Exports to the entire world

Baspar Negar Company is currently one of the largest and highest quality manufacturers of nylon and plastic in the country, such that the products of this company, in addition to being used in our own country, are being exported to 20 countries.

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