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Polyethylene and its various types

Polyethylene and its types

Polyethylene and its various types

Polyethylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer, which means that it becomes liquid when reaching its melting point and solid when reaching its freezing point.

Polyethylene is the chemical synthesis of ethylene, which is usually formed from a mixture of crude oil and natural gases. Polythene and polyethylyne are some of its informal name. PE is also used as an abbreviation for polyethylene. Polyethylene is mostly used for making plastic compounds that are supposed to be used in the pure form.



[su_quote]Polyethylene is one of the major and important types of plastic in the world and has mass production in the market. It is clear that Polyethylene has many applications and features which are due to its popularity and variety among polymers[/su_quote]


History of polyethylene

Polyethylene in general, or polyethylene, is one of the simplest and most inexpensive polymers. Polyethylene is a waxy and passive solid. This material is obtained from the polymerization of ethylene and PE is used as its abbreviation.

The ethylene molecule has a double bond. Each of the monomers is broken in the double-bond polymerization process, and as a result, a simple bond is created between the carbon atoms of the monomers, and a large molecule is produced as a result.

Polyethylene was first synthesized through an accident by the German chemist Hans Von Pechmanv. In 1898, he synthesized a white waxy compound while heating diazomethane which later came to be known as polyethylene.

Various Types of Polyethylene

There are different types of polyethylene, each with different grades, and we can classify different types of polyethylene into the following general groups:

  • HDPE or Heavy polyethylene
  • LDPE or light polyethylene
  • LLDPE or Low density linear polyethylene
  • MDPE or medium density polyethylene
  • UHMWPE or very high density polyethylene
  • VLDPE or Very light polyethylene
  • PET or polyethylene terephthalate
  • COPOLYMERS Ethylene vinyl ester copolymers
  • PEX polyethylene with transverse connections

Each of the above mentioned polyethylene materials includes tens of grades and subsets. Each of them is used for a particular purpose in production, and also the polyethylene grade depends on the production method.

Polyethylene Uses

Polyethylene is the most widely used polymer and plastic in the world. Polyethylene has various types and grades, all of which are shown with PE.

The wide and numerous applications of polyethylene are so many that cannot simply be named: the pipe industry, food coating and packaging industry, all kinds of bags and nylon, polyethylene films, various products and…

Polyethylene is used in the production of many plastic materials that we see around us due to its different grades and excellent properties and reasonable prices, and this polymer (polyethylene) is used in a wide range.

If recycled well and if the impurities are removed, recycled polyethylene, in addition to significant economic savings, can have the physical and mechanical properties of brand-new polyethylene and the price of recycled materials is less than one-fifth the price of new materials.[su_spacer]

This paper tries to introduce polyethylene, its various types and applications. We would be glad to see you share your questions and opinions with us.

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